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What is Project X-treme?

Project X-treme is a Crossover series, center between Dimension and Reality world. It combined with Original and Copyright work. It will be in both of Novel and Comic. All Copyrighted Work are based on Different scenarios.


Why in this 2000s website? Should it be more modern, simple looks like any websit...

I not digging into 2020s modern website where it nothing but light and dark mode. While it okay idea, it too overused and the fact there lack of creavity of website design just made the internet too damn dull and more mobile friendly, making desktop too damn pointless at this point. Second off, this site isn't comparing to other site of who better and such. I create this site for showing off my project and such. The end, period.


Who is it owned by?

AKA-38CAUTION Himself and only him.


What is Save/Blam?

Named after Newgrounds Save and Blam system, this like/dislike system help me improve my content and this website as well. If you like it, save it and show you are proud, or if you think it not great (or disliker), blam it and email me ( ) for any improvement you like to add!

This make it easier to what to add, fix and other stuff as well as what to improve on. Any unhelpful tip, scam or any hate message will be ingore and maybe be added to my scam mail page.


Why there Mobile version?

While I do say I hated 2020s desgin, this website is consently updating and with some design that is not fited for mobile user, it have reason to exist.


There some page that haven't been updated, why?

There some that haven't been updated since version 1.0 and don't need to change as there no point into it. There some though that isn't finished right now (hint: Archive page). I have all the old page with me for archive purpose.


Do you owned all these story?

Anything that is original Work is owned by 38Caution as well as other people who decide to collab with him. Anything that based on Existed work is created by 38Caution BUT Owned by original company (Like Neptunia X: It made by 38Caution and Trak, but Neptunia is owned by Compile Heart/Idea Factory. New Character that is added is owned by 38Caution).


Will all your project be writing?

I can't say. Coding all chapter is pain in the ass and tiring to write some time. I am plan to making comic or sort like that


Will all project be in this website only?

I will try to put all of them into this site without add more space to my 1GB plan as possbile. However, in case this site get shutdown, DA/Wattpad/Newgrounds is source you can found all my project.


Is Project X-treme free to read?

Alway! But you can support AKA-38CAUTION on Deviantart!


What about Paypal/Ko-fi/Patreon/bitcoin?

Currently, it not avaliable, but it will soon!