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Septemeber 29, 2019

Version 2 is now here!!

With the release of Hyperdimension Neptunia X is very close, I would like to uplife the design of this entire website to fix the theme of HDNX (Which is focus on somewhat 2000s looks as well as somewhat edgy and dark). While Version 2 don't feature as much, I like to meation some point:

  1. Wolfy HTML 101 is new page I creating soon. This page will featuring my Original Character: Wolfy who will teach you how to do basic code as well as interesting fact! As I finishing HDNX, this page will be fill with crash course 101!

  2. I decide to have my own page about me! I have some gallery to show off and interesting fact about me if you want to know.

  3. Uplife design in main menu. It now originized so it not as messy. However, it still is issues with Mobile user so you still need to switch.

  4. The side navgation have changed as well with 2000s style logo to represent what they are. Some page haven't even updated since Version 1.2. That will change soon.

  5. The Title menu have changed as well. The recommended site will return soon!

  6. I have introduced a system where you can became friend with us! All you have to do is follow us! We got over 25 users following us!

  7. You can now copy ChaX code to your website!

I am planning to owning a site domain very soon as well as creating different website. However if that is the case, this site will be closed due to having a major redesigning. I also consider creating my own imageboard (Much inspired by Macechan ) but that may come very soon.


This is all the Version 1 blog though 1 to 1.3. While there is no picture, an Wayback machine is useable when the logo appear.


September 7, 2019

Wayback Machine logo

Wayback is now useable in Version 1.3. Another redesign will come later.


July 13/24, 2019 - 1:13AM/12:56AM

Version 1.3

After long await, here it is. I thought it would be good thing to update since HDNX is coming out soon.

But let talk for second since this is a blog after all. If you seeing this, it would be great if you following this site or affiliate with us ! All you need to do is just submit a website of your and a 88x31 button. We also have button and banner as well so all you neocities freaks who collecting button or something, there you go!

I also decide to use Wayback Machine for my website so if you like to return to previous update, see the logo if it availble.

So what I update? Well everything! It still work on progress but here we have so far!

  1. Home page re-design again

  2. New About Us

  3. New banner!

  4. Update HDNX Menu (Will add soon!)

  5. I update color red to blue to fit background color

  6. Easter egg!

  7. Removeal Advertisement

  8. actally, i fucking lied. I thought I ended advertise, but I discover Neolink from Googol and Bannerlink from WSMZ , so oof.

  9. Update X-treme Search Engine

Some feature from previous update is missing (like Wikplayer) but they may return soon.


Wayback Machine logo

May 24-31, 2019

Version 1.2.1 (Wayback Machine Now Useable)

Most biggest update yet!

Hey, I added a lot of content on this website, but I simpfiy by break down:

    xtreme engine logo
  1. Mobile Version!

  2. Mobile version is out now! For those who have trobule viewing the site, this is for you!

    You see the link "Switch the Mobile" everywhere on this website!

    Xtreme engine logo

    Xtreme Engine Beta 1.0 is out offical search engine using Google custom engine! It in Beta, but I will improve it later! Try it out!


    For long time, CAUTION RATING is now availble and free to use!

  5. Advertisement now appear, but it only using HTML, so it not really ads, but you get it

  6. We now have 88x31 stamps and banner!

  7. I given some redesgin on front page as well as

    more info of Neptunia X

  8. -----------------------------------------------------

    April 19, 2019, 7:28 PM

    Version 1.2

    1. New Logo
    2. Home Page changed
    3. Navgation now on Left so you can browse easier
    4. Added more info on Neptunia X


    February 17,2019, 7:05 PM

    Version 1.1

    Major update happened so let me list them:
    1. New icon
    2. Project folder now have list of project (even though there only one :3)
    3. We got 38-District Website (it a Neptunia focus started on Deviantart as a Group)
    4. Background change
    5. New Logo!
    6. We now got link to our social Media (Deviantart and Newgrounds)
    7. NEW! Caution Rating (It a working process since it will take a while to download all of them and coding it to this website, so it not open. It a website rating I created while back where you can use rating on ypur Neocites website!)


    January 26, 2019, 3:01 AM

    Version 1.00

    I finished the website! -ish... I still have more work to do with this website, but this is actally looking better I would say. Took me about 6 Hours to build this website. There is so many very version of this website it been though. It was personal website (back than it was verycreativename as my username) as testing my HTML Skillz. Then an Mary Skelter website (by Compile Heart), then RAGEg (Rage production from 3 month ago) and Now X-treme Website. Boy that a lot. Anyway, this is Version 1.00! There be more! See ya. ~38Caution