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This novel contain Violent, Language, and Suggestive Theme


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Hyperdimension Neptunia X is a 2019 Action/Adventure, Dystopia Science Fiction Novel written by AKA-38CAUTION with help of Trak-kun . The Novel takes place of imagination aftermath of RE;birth1 where it follow a main character name: Neptune (Purple Heart) who was invited by her father who is the governor of his island called: Fair Island, to investgate the threaten humor by the Corrupt leader: Genesis who made an console that can put the end of hyperdimension.


Back then, Hyperdimension Neptunia X was just a small concept that I would to share with my friends. It started off as very loosely inspired by Burnout Paradise , originally Neptune and her friends was invited to go on a Paradise islands where they could relax, but certain issues arrives during thier vacation. This concept was back in early summer of 2018.

On September 1, 2018, I decide to do a story different, as it more so focus on Neptune adventure on a new location, fighting bad guys and so on. This concept written here ! The name was decide to be "Hyperdimension Neptunia 2019" as it plan to be released in 2019.

But ever since, I have made a lot of change without any notices to the community and since, it seem like I have been in haitus to this project, but actally there were so many idea, there so little time to add them all.

As Sept. 1 marked my first years of working this project, I am proud that I can finally release a Project like this that I been talking about it so many time!

While this is my first time making a novel, me and my friends have been working on this for quite a while. We hope it worth your time!


Welcome to Fair Zone, one of the popular tourist place on face of Hyperdimension. Every summer, Fairchild District are open for everyone who want to escape reality and enter their fantasy! Our most popular city, Fair City has collection of tourist spot such as the beach, the tower and the white house where you can meet the governor, Furui F. Fairchild, one of the most iconic person on Fair Zone. In the city, people call it "Heaven" because it the heaven for everyone.

But outside of that is where danger a rise. They call it "Jigoku" (Hell in Japanese), an endless wasteland with no law to place it on. Every day and night, punks from across the world are making trouble and it up to you to make it choice, but they not brother coming to Heaven as it is heavily guarded by one of our finest guards.

Oh and don't even thinking about going to Red Zone and beyond that, unless you stupid or have balls enough to do so.

It follows the main character name Neptune who is the leader of her nation called: Planeptune. The citizen called their leader known as the CPU who is a goddess that ruled their nation. There is 4 Nation in Island called Gamindurstri. Each CPU are rivals to each other which led to the yearly fight of who the best, they called it "Console War". Whoever won will gain share, in this case: popularity. If the CPU loses popularity, they will die.

In this Novel, Neptune is followed under an investigation in an area called Fair Island after getting hired by her father who runs as a Governer in this Island.


(It be a belief detail to keep a spoiler-free)

Neptune is one of the CPU of her Nation known as Planeptune. She is stubborn and lazy who refused to do her work, although she prefers to do outside work such as cutting down an enemy. Recently after getting her childhood dream, she was informed by her assist, Histoire, that Lastation is holding a contest for every CPU. It a contest of whoever became the last standing will win a brand new console called "Genesis X". The contest is held by the creator himself, Genesis Van Kiachi who owned a company called "32x Production".

After the meeting, while Neptune went shopping, she was interrupted by a couple of guards from a different district. They stated that certain someone wants to speak with her.

Later on to the story, Neptune earns new friends, rivals as well as meeting her worse enemy she ever faces...


Check out all character!

For those who are curious about the new character in this: It will be a display of an illustration of a new major character which they appear in recent chapters. Those new characters will be mostly Men as well as Woman.

For returning characters, I know some may be disappointed in this discussion, but it for the best: Most characters (including all CPU/Candidate as well as some minor characters) will make an appearance, HOWEVER, Neptune will be the majority of the entire novel and some will make a minor appearance as it on Neptune point of view rather than being a third-person views and I also want a new character to be part of it as well. Think of it like Re;Birth1, Neptune was found by Compa, became a friend and go on her journey but different style. All returning Major Characters will have design changes, so just a heads up.


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