Chapter XIII (13)

The Federal guy seem to brought a friends as well due to fact that a helicopter from outside can be heard from the inside and footstep coming inside the building, knowing the fact that we are closed to being screwed.

“We heard you guys are attempting to escape prison. We heard from the audio that crooked police officer send us. You not going any way now.” He then held a giant hammer from his back where he hold it in a way that he about to attack any second now. “I advise to not do anything stupid as we will held you in custody.” He give an aggressive look to his face to us as he wasn’t joking about that. The Hyperdimension Federal do not mess around when serious event is happening. They usually hang around outside of Gamindustri due to fact we have own Federal system and different government, making them very rare to be found in Gamindustri grounds. They don’t even recognized me in fact.

“Both of you are coming with me.” Before he took another step, Fang blow a bullet that zoom to the Federal guy chest where mark have been made but not suffer in any pain at all, showcasing the strength of their darken bulletproof vest. He look down on the mark and then look back to us as well as preparing his hammer.

“You are dead meat.” He then proceed to sprint with his rocket boot that blasted past the velocity that even strong human being can’t handle. Right from our eyes, we slide out of his way, which then proceeded to crash and crumble against the wall, making a giant hole against the wall. While he did break though, the crates on every row has collapsed with so many item that belong to the people. Most of them are full of pistols and rifle as well as melee weapons such like knuckles, Flails, etc. Who the hell are those insane people? A radio was heard from that Federal guy and as far I know, they stated “You are careless Nike! I told you not to used them unless you in danger dumbass!”. He grunted and can’t even get up currently from the dirt. The dark cloud that circle around the sun that brighten our eyes while a gust of wind blowing from far west side from an active helicopter, surrounded by melee equipped guys.

“Those weapons could provide us to our adventure.” Fang muttered while holding an M1911 Colt that only shoot dull bullets. “To where Fang? I don’t see any land elsewhere.” I argue to him. I can’t think anything else other then Genesis District where I am supposed to go. Over the sea is pure emptiness.

“I don’t think he told you that part yet.” Doxer appeared at the dented entrance that Nike busted in as well as (look like) millions of people that gather around together. “We have to meet someone Important. We heard that this person may have the weapons that we needed to defeat D.O.S.S.”

“D.O.S.S?” I remember while back that Akia did mention about D.O.S.S before she then knocked me out. I never got to know them yet.

“They are dangerous and vicious…” Jose then speak. “Well actually, they are beyond dangerous. Known as the Deadly Of Six Sin, there are six people that are ruthless, treacherous, hell even one of the member is known to be one of the worst womanizer in the world!” He count his finger up to 3 which he already explained.

“Thanks for some… unnecessary info Jose.” I was feeling disgruntled when he say womanizer. Not the best time to explain. Fang is peaking his head to the hole where he was looking at couple of federal coming to our way.

“Guys! We don’t have time to waste. They coming right now.” Fang yelled straight at us at rush time when he pack the item he stolen and dash right though the hole and we were looking at each other, thinking the same things. As soon the federal busted inside the prison, we knew we have to follow Fang.

As soon as everyone step in grass, we saw them preparing to capture us.

Chapter XII

Chapter XIV (coming next week)

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